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Should I be upset that my girlfriend dances salsa with other men? Thread starter Ardaos Start date Aug 20, Ardaos Changui. S this question was originally intended for Yahoo answers so try bare with me When I say men I really mean teenagersalthough some are men she probably dances with and I dont see either as a threat because obviously all her passion is devoted towards me that wasn't mean't to sound cocky I've been with my girlfriend for a very long time and we love each other more than you could imagine.

She recently took up salsa and has Wanting dance partner very good at it and I'm really proud of her for it. She has absolutely no ulterior motives for doing this other than the fact she enjoys it and finds it fun. Ever since she has started doing it we've seen each other a little bit less, but I'm okay with that because shes just been practicing for a performance and its done with that now. I always knew obviously contact is needed for this dance, but when I actually saw her performing for the with her hands in her partners and his hands on her hips and so on it just made me feel sick and angry.

Once she was done I obviously congratulated her and told her how good she was completely hiding my anger, the fact is I just don't like that another male gay or straight is touching my girlfriend. And I'm not sure whether it would be a wise move to tell her this. Should I? Am I jealous? I guess so, but only because I love so much and I don't like the idea of the purity of our relationship being tainted which is how I see it - and I understand that every dancer will probably call me and idiot for thinking this but they have to understand its something I'm not used to, and I see most forms of contact as something intimate I have absolutely no desire to dance with another girl as I would feel somewhat guilty in doing so, although I'm sure again you dancers will think me stupid for think that, and will say I have insecurities or something, which I really dont, it just makes me uncomfortable.

She has asked me to do it with her before, but I made it pretty clear that I'd rather be playing sport and all that and salsa wasn't my thing. Yet after all this anger I now feel I should try and get involved in this thing that is becoming a big part of her life, and I realise I partially feel this way for my own benifit. So I asked her if I could start going classes with her yeah I know, I'm probably only doing this for myself but she told me I shouldn't. Now I'm not sure whether she said this because she feels shes pressured me into it or because she'd actually just prefer not have me there, which is weird because we do everything together and really do love being Wanting dance partner each others company.

However now I feel the latter option was her actual reason for this because she gave me this half arsed excuseand that confuses the hell out of me. I guess what I'm trying to say is should I be upset that my girlfriend is doing such a intimate dance that requires heavy contact without me? And if not how can I get over myself? Because I really have tried but I feel like I'm going against who I am and my morals.

Also can any of you dancers Preferably female tell Wanting dance partner why you'd take up dancing Salsa in the first place? And whether you'd would feel any infatuation towards your partner? I ask this because I've started to question whether I'm actually satisfying my girlfriend not sexually.

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I know that I am but I can't help but Wanting dance partner "why does she feel she needs to dance with other men? I guess the reason I denied it in the first place was for superficial reasons, thinking it was something for gays no offense to anyone but obviously its something I, or anyone could enjoy, especially if I was doing it with my girlfriend. Leaving her is not an option, I wouldn't let something stupid like this ruin us.

We're madly in love and never fight. Sorry this was long, its just been bottled up for a while. Any thoughts appreciated. DJ Yuca Son Montuno. This is a perennial on here; use the search function, I'm afraid I can't remember the titles of thre. So compared to your lady going out binge drinking with 'the girls', you're better off with her dancing salsa. Not that I'm suggesting your gf would do anything remiss if she were drunk. As far as I know, none of these ladies have any interest in cheating. Unless you're a complete natural.

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Do it for enjoyment purposes, but if it's just to keep an eye on your lady, perhaps it's not worth while. Particularly if you end up knocking someone out for dancing too intimately with your lady. Then again, you might love it, as long as you can deal with the frustration of waiting to become a decent dancer; for a man it can take quite some time.

Perhaps you could tell your gf that you find it hard seeing her dance, but you know she is doing nothing wrong so you don't want to stop her, however if someone tries to dance very intimately with her it often happens, particularly in bachata and kizombayou will expect her to keep the dance non-intimate. To me, that's a reasonable compromise, and if it were the other way round i. IMO it's a perfectly natural response. You probably strongly associate the physical closeness and the "intimacy" of a dance with those of a sexual relationship, and your animal self is firing off alarm bells at all these young turks stepping into your territory.

However, it really is for you to change your perspective on this and come to terms with it. It's hard to get it from a male's standpoint, but for a salsa dancer's perspective even the guys after a while it really is an experience that is separate from the world of Wanting dance partner. It's a classic problem and we get posts on here from both sides of the story: "My GF wants me to stop salsa but I say to her it's what makes me a happy-go-lucky guy but she won't accept that" and it seems just as common for either situation to occur to either gender.

Another issue that can arise is that you feel that she gets better dances with Wanting dance partner other guys than you can provide her I find that hard to deal with too. My fiancee of two years has a couple of favourite partners who will pick her up and throw her about, or give her the smoothest red-wine-and-chocolate bachata Those guys fill a niche that I can never occupy. By dealing with my petty insecurities and letting her get her fill on the dance floor, I end up with a girl who is in a great mood, and who is grateful to me for letting her express herself freely.

As to your own reluctance to dance I would say try to separate dancing and sex in your mind and go along with purely a party attitude. Get interested in technique or in repertoire or in musicality and then you might like it, and if you do, you will want to dance with more people than just your partner. If you feel guilty it is only because part of you is conflicted.

Dancing is not cheating if it was, she wouldn't be doing it! If you go a couple times and don't feel like dancing, don't To an outsider, the salsa scene is pretty obsessive-compulsive: we'd all rather be dancing than talking! I would say, tell her how it makes you feel Wanting dance partner not in a way that says you want her to stop. Tell her you know it's your own thing to deal with and you're dealing with it, but you're telling her just so she knows in case you act jealous sometimes in the meantime.

I'm sure she'll respect your frankness and, at least, she ought to know that you're putting in this time and effort on your relationship! DJ Yuca said:. Ardaos, are you feeling more anger or more anxiety? They are just there, we must acknowledge them. Emotions are the byproduct of millions of years of evolution and as such they are an incredibly precious source of wisdom and information about ourselves.

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They are there to give us a message, Wanting dance partner more and no less. It's all about understanding the message they are giving us, and acting accordingly. Ciaran Hegarty Son. Jealousy is something that you're going to have to learn to come to terms with or it will destroy your relationship. My advice is let your girlfriend go dancing on her own, go hang out with your own friends somewhere else and do whatever it is you like to do, learn to trust her and realise that when she comes back to you each night that you're the one she's chosen.

Ardaos - I can share one Female's perspective and my reasons for taking up and continuing with Salsa. I am married and I started dancing without my husband, although in the last year or so he has started doing some lessons. But I dance mainly without him, on my own or with other dance friends. The quick answer is that is was simply my love of dancing that made me take up Salsa about 5 years ago now.

Wanting dance partner

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