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Over the past few years, mobile has graduated from being simply a touchpoint in the customer journey, to increasingly becoming more of a companion for shoppers, supplementing their in-store experience. One example is how Starbucks was able to disrupt the tired point of sale model to allow customers to begin their purchase experience on their mobile device, finishing with a much more streamlined acquisition of their daily dose of caffeine. InYes Marketing conducted a survey of 1, consumers to offer insight for brands who are worried about succumbing to the strong headwinds in the online retail space.

They wanted to share their findings on what motivates customers to engage, make purchases, and become loyal to a brand. Therein they shared eight marketing trends to help brands gain a bit of an edge in this rapidly changing and disruptive market. Our conversation is below. Beacons get mixed reviews. I asked Bryan what he thought on the topic, and considering mobile is becoming more of a tool for shoppers rather than just a touchpoint, what are his thoughts on the potential for beacons to become a mainstay in mobile strategy?

Our recent study revealed consumers crave personalized experiences, however, only 37 percent of consumers say that the communications they receive from retailers are adequately personalized. It will become increasingly important for marketers to consider where consumers are in their customer journey and to seamlessly orchestrate personally relevant Wanted shopping companion along the way.

One of the interesting findings in the report is that purchase on mobile is still falling behind, as many surveyed said it is at that point in their purchase journey they switch to a bigger screen. Could be that they prefer more screen space, but then voice as a method of Wanted shopping companion shows that might not be the case.

Brands are likely struggling with mobile completing the purchase loop, so I asked Bryan the advice he had to offer brands that to increase the percentage of consumers that purchase on mobile versus desktop.

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In fact, a third of consumers now prefer to make purchases on smartphones over tablet and desktop, and half of those who have retailer mobile apps use them to make purchases. With the growing dominance of smartphones, brands have plenty of opportunity to improve the mobile experience and increase the of consumers that make mobile purchases.

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To create a more seamless mobile shopping experience, brands should make it easier to convert on mobile than on desktop by prioritizing elements such as sleek and intuitive de, clear CTAs in s, and one-click purchasing. The key is to de a user experience that considers the functionality and experience users have with their mobile devices, and create the simplest and most frictionless path to convert.

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From there, brands should leverage the data they have already collected from their customers -- such as purchase history and shipping address -- and the data and technology customers have on their devices to minimize the steps needed to make a purchase. Often those conversations steer right towards brands like Amazon Wanted shopping companion Warby Parker, but given the length of time this kind of approach has been a requirement from online shoppers, many other brands are rising up to establish their own presence in the list of elite brands killing it in the online retail game when it comes to marrying in-store and online experiences.

Olive Garden is currently doing an amazing job of using its communications to keep its audience engaged through a combination of creative content that keeps guests opening s and mobile promotions that drive guests into its restaurants. When it comes to the issue of consumers opting out of purchasing on mobile, it makes me wonder if voice has the potential to further the gap there. Even though one might think a reason consumers jump to desktop or tablet to purchase could be more screen visibility, voice with no screen runs in direct opposition to that.

The potential for voice purchase highlights that it could be convenience consumers are after, not screen space, and that notion could perhaps offer some clarity on how to better de the mobile purchase experience.

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Wanted shopping companion

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