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On that day, the Board met at the television station to preview the documentary prior to its 14 September public broadcast. After seeing the film, non-members including Robert B. Sexy Cochrane girls the session, the minutes report that "It was the general consensus of opinion that the reference to Lesbianism at the Institute for Women gave an untrue and distorted picture of conditions at the institution, and should be deleted.

Then heard Mr. Cockshut say his two Daughters must be content with an [pounds] a piece and that s between Mr. Lingan and him should be discharged on both sides. And his son Thomas to go to Doct. Locks, and be disposed of [sic], as he sees fit. Other local historical topics included a history of Charles County and St. Margarets Church in Westminster.

Students preparing lists of sources for biographies of famous Marylanders continued to appear in the search room, as did someone working on biographies of unnamed legislators. Another biographical subject concerned Col. John H. Sothoron,a Confederate soldier, who killed a Union soldier recruiting slaves on his plantation in St.

Mary's County. The plantation was later confiscated by the federal government and used by the Freedmans Bureau. State Sexy Cochrane girls related topics included the history of juvenile corrections and origination of the Maryland state flag. Another researcher was studying military flags. The editor of the newsletter of The Society of American Bayonet Collectors was researching armaments of the Maryland militia, We now have a copy of the newsletter in the library.

Other research topics included quod ad damnum writs in chancery,marriage trends and birth name trends, blacks of the Chesapeake Bay, watermen, and plate. The meaning of research involving Pasquahanza remains uncertain. Then there was the patron here to pursue "ecclectic" research. New members, Christopher B. Nelson, President of St.

John's College, and Dr. William C. Richardson, President of Johns Hopkins University, were welcomed. George H. Callcott will head a committee of the Commission to review the work. Lists of recent acquisitions of public records and special collections were distributed to members.

Ed discussed the special collections program at the Archives, especially in reference to church records and papers of public officials. Ed recognized the efforts of the Chairman, Judge Robert C. Two appraisal issues were discussed.

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Ed informed the Commission about several efforts to obtain records of the Baltimore City Police Department. Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein's motion to retain custody of the collection was unanimously approved. Ed discussed the closing of the search room on Mondays, an occurence that has not substantially affected attendance or circulation s. He distributed reference Sexy Cochrane girls to the members. Ed reported on the success of the Archives in obtaining two grants. The NEH grant will allow the newspaper preservation program to continue. The completed work will be published and be available on-line in a national database.

Ed apprised the Commission of benefits from the Moss Foundation grant which funded an intern last summer. One result of the internship was the development of a low cost, but sturdy box for oversize materials. Although the press run of the Manual was reduced from to copies, those entitled to receive copies did so.

Ed reported on the success of the Teachers Institute held last summer. The Archives has applied to NEH to fund a similar institute in Bruce Thompson, this years recipient, is studying civil rights in Baltimore, Diane was presented with an award for 20 years of state service. Ed presented a plan to establish a trust, to be called the Archives Trust of Maryland, to secure funds that will support the Archives. The Department of General Services was thanked for replacing the high efficiency air filters. Klapthor and Paul D.

The History of Charles County, Maryland, p.

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William Marsh Catrop. The bill of complaint was filed in and concerned the boundaries within part of Cottingham. Dixon and Catrop Sexy Cochrane girls owned acres. Included in the bill was the chain of title from to By the time the case was finally resolved title can be determined through In Robert Dixon, the father of James, and Catrop had submitted their boundary dispute to arbitration and agreed to abide by the arbitrators' decision.

The plaintiff accused the defendant of continuing to retain, use, and cultivate the part of the land that had been awarded to Dixon and wanted the court to compel Catrop to abide by the agreement. Four years later testimony was taken concerning the boundary arbitration.

After eight more years the Chancellor in confirmed the award and ordered the defendant to for the profits derived from using the plaintiff's land. By this time Catrop had died and his heirs became the defendants. In the court auditor took testimony regarding the illegally obtained profits. Samuel Troth appeared with an itemized list of trees cut by Catrop on the disputed land between and The list included each type of tree and its diameter, i.

There were trees including popular, ash, gum, sycamore, maple, red oak, white oak, mulberry, cedar, locust, walnut, and hickory. The largest were two red oaks, measuring 3 feet and 7 inches in diameter. The record does not indicate how the former guardian of James Dixon could compile this list of trees with such precision.

The Chancellor ordered the defendants to pay the plaintiff pounds and 15 shillings plus interest for the trees and use of the tillable acreage. The document is entitled "Alphabetical Index of Proper Names from the 'Maryland Manual' for the years through and from the 'Directories of County Officials' for the years and An accompanying document contains an alphabetical list of individuals and firms involved with state road contracts.

The index of officeholders would be a quick way to check for public officials, especially at the state level, in the to period. It is much more comprehensive that the Historical List and Sexy Cochrane girls several Maryland Manual indexes in one source. Each entry consists of a name surname and initials only and source abbreviation MM for Maryland Manual and one or two letter deations for counties. A severe drawback to this index is the lack of volume and references. Thus, if Sexy Cochrane girls name is shown as appearing in MM, a research does not know which one and would still have to look in each Manual.

If, however, a name did not appear, a person would have eliminated the process of going through several Manual indexes. New Revised History of Dorchester County, pp. It appears that the oath was written by one of the persons taking the oath rather than the official administering it. The oath re as follows: Je Jure que je deviendrai deformair un suject de l'etat de Maryland, et que je tiendrai une fidele et veritable obeijance au it Etat - et que je ne metiens pas obligee a aucune obeijance a aucun Roi ou prince, ou a aucua auta Etat ou gouvernment Le 17 jbre [ed] B.

Bouyer Pierre Monpoey W. Vertieres On another in the same book, the three confirmed their belief in the Christian religion as follows: Je declare ma croyance dans la religion Critenne. Townshend of Rutland, MD. A notation on the back indicates that the paper was filed in an unspecified court case. If the case was an equity proceeding it did not involve Townshend because his name does not appear in the equity docket index, Since the Archives has no general index to civil records, I did not try to check this category.

Based on the type of paper, other papers in the box, and data shown below, the date of the document should be the late 19th century or early 20th century. Rutland is an area located near Davidsonville just east of Routes 50 and From death records, marriage indexes, census records, assessment records, and land records I did compile some biographical information about Townshend.

On January 19, he and Martha S. Bealle obtained a marriage in PG. Townshend and his wife were probably living in the county by because he was assessed for three horses in that year. The census of did place them in AA and listed Townshend's occupation as farmer. In his assessment included one stallion.

The census of listed seven children living at home, ranging in age from six to twenty-three.

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Townshend died of pneumonia on November 29, at age Constitution led me to review the status of patents and copyrights in Maryland, Maryland's Declaration of Rights, adopted on 3 November as part of the state's constitution-making process, provided in article 2 that "the people of this state ought to have the sole and exclusive right of regulating the internal government and police thereof.

The relevant laws are: 1. Chapter 20, Acts of James Rumsey, a native of Cecil County, Maryland, granted an ten-year exclusive right to make and sell within Maryland a steamboat he had invented.

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Rumsey's steamboat was successfully tested on the Potomac River, but he could not secure financing to put the invention into production. He travelled to England in an effort to locate investors and died there. Robert Fulton's later version of the steamboat is therefore generally given credit as the first successful steam-powered watercraft.

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