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Looking for a hot Newcastle sex club, sex party or gay bathhouse? Visit the top clubs and venues in your favorite city in the North of England. It is time to take a look at your new FREE xxxconnect guide to the sexiest clubs and venues in Newcastle, where you will find every place worth going to in your local city.

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We had to keep our list pretty small, so there is a bit of everything in here which will suit most tastes. So here it is, but before we go into how to find a sex club in Newcastle that will please you, there is some info on the history of this interesting scene, plus a few hints on when best to go out o your chosen venue. If you are ready, then keep reading to find out more about your next hot Newcastle sex party, Newcastle sex club, or Newcastle bath house NOW. The great city of Newcastle started out as many other UK cities did, as a small settlement mainly made up of dwindling Celtic tribes and outposts of Sex clubs in Tyneside invading peoples, including the Jutes, the Angols, the Danes, and the French.

Add to this the incoming Romans who shaped more of the English civic and social landscape than the Brits care to give credit to, and you have the framework of an English city that may on the face of it seem unremarkable, except when viewed from the lens of a sex club historian yes, there is indeed such a thing.

The city arose around the central hub of the castle for which it is named, and the castle itself may arguably be called the first sex club in the area, since its walls witnessed many an orgy. The Victorians really made their mark on the sex party circuit, adding as they did many famous -- and infamous -- venues to the tapestry of Newcastle's history. These parties would often go on for days, sometimes while matters of business were being attended to in the drawing room.

These "drawing room parties" became the focus of new, specially deed "dungeons" at the end of the Edwardian era, until by the time of the Great War, Newcastle was famed as a city you should not take your wife to visit. Long the reserve of the straight male in society, the sex club scene began to be infused with homosexuality in the late s, until by the s gay cruise sanuas were popping up on many a street corner.

Today, you can find many kinds of public sex venues in the city.

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Newcastle is unique in that its sex club scene is front loaded for the start of the week, making Mondays and Tuesdays the unlikely best contenders for going out to a sex club, sex party, or gay sauna. Why is this? It may be due to the fact that the weekends are so incredibly busy in this city, meaning that the club scene is dominated by a mainstream culture.

The quiet midweek period is a kind of no man's land of wine bars and the like, though the whole week through offers opportunities to schmooze at an underground event such as a Killing Kittens party or a dogging hookup. Swingers get Sex clubs in Tyneside good kick at the can in the city, with private houses and out and out get togethers in mainstream bars taking place. You won't find a better sex club scene Sex clubs in Tyneside you will in Newcastle, and just glancing at the list we made will tell you that. We have it all right here, every great gents' club, every gay sauna worth checking out.

These are the best places to go to in Toon if you want a sexy time to remember for years to come. Bye to all our new pals who have come here to xxxconnect in search of only the very hottest of all the Newcastle sex clubs on the scene. To show how much all our hard work means to you, you could always bookmark this NOW so that you can come back some other time soon!

And why not refer a friend to us at xxxconnect. Are you seriously still seeking around the net and hunting high and low in all the wrong places for a very, very rude and fun sex club, sex party, or gay bathhouse around Newcastle?

We don't blame you, because it is such a hot city. Well, Yelp has the right attitude when it comes to NewCastle sex venues. Noodling over the great world wide web for only the choicest sex clubs, sex party venues, or gay bath houses in the funky seaside city of Brighton, no matter if you are a Brightonian type person from the day you were born, or if you are only a lowly blow-in going south for a boring old business trip?

Get a handle on Brighton's sex scene with us NOW! Visit the top clubs and venues in your favorite city. Toggle. Blue Velvet. Some Like It Hot. For Your Eyes Only. Club F. Greys Club. 52 Sauna.

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Dogging in Newcastle. Killing Kittens. Best Newcastle Sex Clubs. Blue Velvet Type. Brief Description. This is the best place to go in Toon hands down if you want the kind of straight sex club that you thought should exist but didn't know was possible. A newly refurbished venue with hot girls and guys is just what you will get if you decide to check this place out.

Diamonds Type. A girl's best friend, according to the song, and now YOUR best friend, too. But of course, you don't need to rely on word of mouth -- you have us to help you out!

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Great for full scale parties, Diamonds is the go to club if you need that sweet release that led you to this site in the first place. A big thumbs up from our research desk, we know that you will just love this place.

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Some Like It Hot Type. With temperatures dropping across the UK, you might like to know that at Some Like It Hot it isn't just the name that will have you reaching for your top button. While it can be hard to get parking near the venue, the site itself is near enough to most public transit that you will find it easy to get to wherever you live in town.

Thinking of hitting up a sex club, or looking for that sex party that you thought may only exist in your dreams? Head on over to Some Like It Hot and you will not be let down. For Your Eyes Only Type. Want to feel like a Bond, a Moneypenny, even an M, but you don't want the Q queue Well, tough -- this place gets popular, so you will have to get in line! Be sure to have your Sex clubs in Tyneside charge on hand, since there is one, and be ready to part with more cash for a two drink minimum, plus extra cash for a private dance. That is to be expected in a place of such calibre, but let us tell you -- it is well worth it.

With some of the hottest folk on their roster, this place has to be seen in the flesh, so to speak.

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There is a reason why For Your Eyes Only is so popular, and not just with movie buffs -- both the staff and clientele will make you feel like you are in a movie, and their flashy decor helps, too. Order up a dry Martini, and you will be well on your way to having a classy, and very sexy, night out in the Toon. Club F Type. If you want to find somewhere inside that offers a bit of privacy it is not that hard, and the bar is easy to get Sex clubs in Tyneside from most areas of the club.

What Club F lacks in size it more than makes up for in atmosphere, so rest assured that you Sex clubs in Tyneside have a cracking time here if you turn up with an open mind and a winning attitude. A great pick for our list, we would have to say that this is one of our all time faves among UK sex clubs, purely because the staff and clientele all seem to be having such a great time -- and you will too! Greys Club Type. Some paid parking; closed on Sundays, but check the website for more details. Greys, Greys, it's great for gays -- so goes the jingle that you may hear walking through the town of an evening, as sung by the urchins that frequent the alleys and gin palaces round about.

Except you won't because this is not Victorian England, and being gay is pretty much par for the course for some districts of Newcastle, including the area of Gray Street where Greys Club is situated. A real gem on the LGBT scene, this is a smashing sex club no matter what flavour of sexuality you are. One of the bets on our list, and probably one of the most fun clubs we have had the pleasure to review here at the research desk. Give it a go, and we know you will be thanking us later!

52 Sauna Type. With hours that suit most schedules, gay guys the city over can check out this top notch gay sauna during office hours as well as after work if the need arises. With a hit tub, full bar, terrace, and plenty of spaces to canoodle with guys like YOU, if you are in the market for a cruising experience and have not been lucky enough to find one in the city, then go to this place and we are quietly confident that you will not be let down.

Dogging in Newcastle Type. If you don't know about dogging by now then what took you so long? One of the fastest growing pastimes in the UK, dogging has grown beyond what used to be an alternative to swinging to become a true contender for the sexiest public rutting events the whole nation over. If you have a car then you can arrange hookups for yourself with others on the website, or you can another's caravan of delights.

Killing Kittens Type. We are assured that no actual kittens have been harmed to bring you this review -- instead, many people have had amazing experiences in order for you to enjoy what we are sure is going to be your fave sex party circuit in the whole of Newcastle. Have ID to hand when you up, and get ready to get connected with some high class sex party fans.

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Sex clubs in Tyneside

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