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Donate Today. Community Volunteer Awards. Last July, more than volunteers and others spread out on a single night to take the annual nose count of homeless people in Sacramento County.

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When they were finished, the was 2, That is less than one percent of the population. While that sounds small, you do not have to travel very far in Rancho Cordova to see the huge impact of homelessness. Homelessness is a national problem, and most everybody agrees there are no easy answers. But when the weather gets cold, a group of Rancho Cordova churches believe it is their responsibility to provide a warm, safe place to sleep, a hot meal and maybe a shower and laundry services to the hundred or more people who are homeless in Rancho Cordova.

Crossing denominational lines and city boundaries, the HART program provided overnight housing on a rotating basis for 8 weeks. Participants were picked up each afternoon at Way of Life Church on Folsom Boulevard and transported by bus provided by Cordova Church of Christ to the church Rancho Cordova hot women shelter that week. They were provided food, showers where available, clean sleeping bags and cots, toiletries, referrals to transitional and permanent housing, and laundry services where available.

Larry Stafford from Cordova Church of Christ reported that during the eight week period, HART was there for the birth of one baby, cared for several pregnant women, and two adorable three year old girls — one of whom was certain he was Santa Claus.

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Karen Edwards of Sun River Church said that on the first night, there were seven guests, but as word got around the s grew steadily over the next two weeks to the maximum capacity of She said the effort hit a one night high of 32, and held steady most nights at 25 to 30 guests. Counting the of nights and of individuals who stayed, HART provided 1, individual nights of shelter.

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That also means hundreds of evening meals and breakfasts. Most churches reported having as many as volunteers doing everything from greeting and helping with laundry, supervising showers, cooking, serving, cleaning and acting as overnight chaperones. Some volunteers moved from church to church, serving for the entire 8 weeks. Charlie Miller drove the bus every day, arriving for duty at 5 a.

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The total? I am sure there are a thousand wonderful stories out there. Homelessness is a very complex and vicious problem, but that does not mean that volunteers cannot tackle it and make a difference.

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That is certainly the case here. Please come up and represent the many dozens of volunteers from eight different churches who participated in this cause, and accept our thanks for Outstanding Service by a Faith Organization. Website Engineer:.

Rancho Cordova hot women

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