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Bottom line: I don't recommend this book for the Cybersecurity Canon Hall of Fame, but it is an excellent novel that gets the cybersecurity details right. They were pro-military and pro-service-to-the-nation. Clancy pretty much invented the techno-thriller genre, or at least put it on the map.

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As a soldier, it felt good to imagine yourself in a Tom Clancy world. He and his collaborators have gone on now to publish scores of these kinds of novels; too many to count. Jack Ryan Jr. Some examples include:. China threatens to take control of Taiwan and the U. For me though, the fun was riding along with how the authors think nation-states will use cyber in future conflicts.

We have more than 25 books on the initial candidate list, but we are soliciting help from the cybersecurity community to increase the to be much more than that. Please write a review and nominate your favorite. The Cybersecurity Canon is a real thing for our community.

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We have deed it so that you can directly participate in the process. Please do so!

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Some examples include: Honey Traps : This is not necessarily a cyber move, but is illustrative of what is possible if you travel to China. By law, Chinese commercial organizations must do what the state demands.

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This means that the state has installed surveillance equipment everywhere and, at the very least, Chinese officials closely watch foreigners who travel to the country. Chinese officials break into the hotel room and convince the American to work for them or they will tell his wife. Malware Analysis : In the book, after the Chinese compromise the American with the honey trap, they get him to deliver compromised hard drives to Jack Ryan Jr.

In other words, he determines what the code did and how it did it. This is exactly what security analysts do when they are researching Adversary Playbooks.

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Back Door Installation : This is a common move by many intelligence agencies in the real world, including the U. The idea is to secretly plant technology into common commercial tech, like routers, switches, computers, etc. When you read headlines saying the U. But the U. This is the reason that co-workers hassle you when you walk away from your work computer without logging off.

This book is filled with examples from both the good guys and the bad guys of human-on-human social engineering.

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Nsa fun my hotel room

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Cybersecurity Canon Candidate Book Review: Threat Vector