Nerd seeks other nerds

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We often recommend media and products we like. If you buy anything through links on our site, we may earn a commission. You have friends, but none of them can relate to your freakouts relating to an upcoming comic convention or the newest episodes of an anime. So, where do these mysterious nerds and geeks lurk?

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Meetup is free for users. But most people want someone to talk to them! Related: The best geeky conventions worth attending. Try not to feel intimidated when approaching a fellow geek at a convention. That way, you can strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Ask them their thoughts about the current panel, and you might gain a new friend!

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You can also start chatting up your current classmates—some of them might have hidden geek qualities. Not currently enrolled in college? You can still step outside your comfort zone and a local class. If you want to go the educational route, community colleges have plenty of classes that you can take at your convenience. Why not make new friends and brush up your skills at the same time?

Since community college classes can be expensive, you might consider ing a martial arts class or even a yoga class instead. Related: The best YouTube channels for learning new skills. You might think meeting people from Reddit seems a little sketchy, but bear with me.

You just need to use your common sense when finding friends on the internet, and Reddit is no different. Your state will almost certainly have its own subreddit, with people posting events or just looking for someone to chill with. Most gatherings are located in major cities, so you might have to travel a little bit or post your own local meetup. Related: The best subreddits for geeks. Are you a master at Super Smash Bros. UltimatePokemonor Magic the Gathering? If you can easily beat your friends, then you should think about ing a local tournament. Tournaments bring TCG and video game fanatics together in one place, making it the perfect opportunity to share your love for the game with other nerds—and turn them into friends.

Plenty of nerds gather at book clubs to read sci-fi and fantasy novels. Either way, you just might form a meaningful friendship with a fellow bookworm. Related: Why ebooks will never replace physical books. Taking the first step outside of your bubble will put you on the path to making Nerd seeks other nerds ton of new nerdy friends.

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Looking to expand your circle of nerds? Get ready to step outside your comfort zone and meet new friends. Use Meetup.

Nerd seeks other nerds

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