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CA just removed chat room feature from Shogun 2 multiplayer. Why remove existing features from a game 8 years down the line? Shogun II. They did code a region lock for the public chat. I'm not sure if it was already present - I don't remember it so well - but there is now a region lock for certain, so it may have been added with this very update. No, there were not new instances daily. There was a profanity filter already in place, so nobody could swear or type anything obscene.

There was just one single chat room with the title 'Hot Ashigaru Sex Chat', which has always been up, all day, every day, for a decade. There was never any talk about sex there, by the way. Napoleon Total War still has the very same chat room feature despite being an older game. The exact same thing could happen there, but they have not bothered to remove it there. I'm not even sure if Napoleon has the profanity filter hat Shogun 2 has. As for there being 'no good reason to risk people saying the word sex, I guess you mean? Isn't that still risked with every chat function CA has ever included in it's games?

Can't people still say sex in the public chat? Can't they do it on Rome 2, and Warhammer? They can do it Napoleon's and they can still name Napoleon's chat rooms 'sex'. This update boggles my mind. I really don't know why they did it. CA is a British company, by the way, so yes I very Napoleon sex chats agree that US legal issues were probably not the forefront of their mind.

Games rarely are deed with Afghan law in mind though, given that the very fact the game depicts the ruthless murder and possible incineration! Still, people can still say the words 'foot fetish' in every Total War's chat function. I'm just Napoleon sex chats the hypothetical news story by the way.

What horror! That's sure to kick up a storm. It would be more something like "My 12 yo was exposed to a sex chat while playing a classic Total Wat Game". Only, there is no sex chat, and it wouldn't. The fact that a chat room has the word 'sex' in it's title does not really make it a sex chat. It had been there since and was a running joke of the game, being dead silent for almost all the hundreds of hours I had it open in the background.

Every other total War game also has lobby chats, in game chats, RTW and Med 2 have public MP chats, Napoleon also has the same chat rooms as Shogun 2 for coordinating with players between games. And all of them allow you to say the word 'sex', and have for near two decades now.

And in none of them, ever, has there been a 'sex chat scandal'. What are you even trying to imply, that by removing chat rooms from Shogun 2 CA has now suddenly after at least 17 years of not worrying about it and providing private game chats since RTW come up with a magic solution to end the possibility of users talking about sex in their in-game chats?

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I genuinely cannot fathom how you've come to this conclusion. It wasn't happening in Shogun 2 and it isn't happening now in all the other game's chat functions that they provide. And worst of all, the thing that makes this explanation the most nonsensical, is the fact that you can still do it in all of these games and even still Shogun 2. It still has a private Napoleon sex chats lobby chat!

How has his changed anything except added an extra obstacle for players who want to talk between games? It doesn't! Your absurd fear mongering scenario is just as entirely possible now as before that is, almost impossible. These hypothetical magic sex chats that never occurred could still occur in private game lobbies of up to eight people. What are you saying!? By the way, Shogun 2 has an age rating of fourteen.

Meanwhile, Reddit has an age rating of thirteen, so could easily bear this magical hypothetical 'huge scandal' of a thirteen year old stumbling across the plethora of actual porn and sex chat contained within Reddit - which you appear to be intimately familiar with - only, it hasn't caused any scandal, ever.

Every other possible solution would cost CA money and for a game this old and with such a small active playerbase it would never be worth it to justify the expense, so they went with the simplest solution. I'm not sure I understand your comment at all. If the private chat function was provided by CA, it is very much What does 'not CA' mean? Who do you think made and maintains it? Furthermore as I described, though you seem to have ignored, Rome 1, Medieval 2 and Napoleon all have global public chats aa well.

Reddit does not really have a 'filter' because no checks are in place to determine a user's age. Anybody on here can view whatever they like just by clicking the 'show' button. Underage individuals can very much view actual pornography on here, unlike Shogun 2 where all you can do is read and write the word 'sex' and no other profanity. I can tell you that from experience. Still no huge scandal for Reddit. Shogun already has a profanity filter. Nothing profane can be said nor images exchanged.

Literally the only thing here which is true is the fact that the word 'sex' - not any imagery or depiction of it, merely the English word 'sex' - can be seen and written. I am absolutely flabbergasted that you're either so taken in by CA or utterly devoid of reasoning that you genuinely believe that the ability of users to type Napoleon sex chats word 'sex' can cause 'huge scandal'. What are you on? Furthermore, as I also already described, but you have yet again ignored for reasons I am yet to understand, you can still do it in Shogun 2, you can still do it in Napoleon and Napoleon's Shogun 2-style chat rooms and it is an older gameand you can still do it in every other Total War game.

I'm sure you can still do it in Warhammer. The only thing that has changed is that in one specific title from 9 years ago but not the older one, Napoleon you can no longer do it in a convenient window that carries between games. That's the only thing that has changed. It has in no way circumvented the potential for 'huge scandal' you have managed to delude yourself into believing exists.

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You can still chat and say the word 'sex' just like before. Just less conveniently. You can still do it conveniently in Napoleon. You can still do it Rome 1 and Med 2 and Rome 2 and probably Warhammer. Jesus Christ why can't you understand that!? I keep repeating myself! View all comments Show parent comments 5.

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I mean there was also the polish foot fetish servers. It would be more something like "My 12 yo was exposed to a sex chat while playing a classic Total Wat Game" And that would in fact kick up a huge scandal for CA. All you said is completely irrelevant. At this point I think we need to ban sex outright, or there may be unforseen legal issues!

Napoleon sex chats

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