Married women like big dick

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True story but when my ex wife and I where married she got drunk one night and told me she missed her ex BF's cock cos it was so thick and big. Was shocked at first cos I am 7" and fairly thick so asked what he had, says 10" and thick as her wrist. Made a deal that night, she could fuck him all she wants as long as she came home to tell me all the juicy details.

They ended up fucking for months and every time she came home and told me what they did while I ate her pussy and fucked her. Before I met my husband I got into a big argument with my friend at the time. She had always bragged about how huge her boyfriend cock was. She had spread rumors about me when I confronted her about it.

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She literally beat the shit out of me breaking my nose I was messed up pretty bad. I think it was like 4 months later I hooked up with her boyfriend and got fucked omg! Doing oral was like holding a burrito it was so thick you licking and kiss it and use your hands more. We did allot of oral before having actual send he went nice and slow with me. Once I got use to him I learned what a serious orgasm was during sex.

Only guy to ever give me a vaginal orgasm made up for getting my nose broke by the bitch. Luckily he never told her we only did it that one time I was stupid to get addicted with the crazy bitch. My husband has the gift of sex knowing what to do during sex.

So he would be the second guy who can make me cum with his cock. That made a big difference for me in terms of getting off on it. I'm an old woman and I don't care how big a cock is as long I can get one! No secret because my husbands is the biggest one I have ever had and believe me the first time I saw it I considered Married women like big dick staying with him. The first couple of times we had sex I was really sore the next day but with plenty of sex I was able to enjoy it then after we had two kids things were much better.

I stacked my hands on it one time early in our relationship them measured later, he is about nine and half inches long and very thick, even opening my mouth up all the way the head of his cock still fills my lips. I love when he is on top of me just thrusting into me, I know he is getting a lot of pleasure and he always gives me a ton of oral before diving in with his cock so I am plenty lubed up for it. I suffered from not getting fully erect and I had a fat 7. Worked up the courage to talk to my doctor who is female. Wish they had this stuff 20 years ago! Started dating and doing hand and blow jobs as a HS freshman.

Was with 3 guys. One smaller but a little wider. Average range. Dated 3 guys I had sex with thru college. Another average a little thick. Dated a guy at work after graduating. He was divorced and I can see why. Cocky guy with another average dick that came in a minute and was done. Then my husband who was my biggest and best. Where were all my huge dicks???

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You give me hope! My father in law, I never got to fuck him he past away shortly after my husband and I got married. But he had a swinging arm between his legs to this day I've never seen a dick that fucking big that wasn't attached to a porn star. My wife has had a wild sexual past and we've talked about it a lot. She's had mfm 3somes and been fucked by bbc. Her ex husband was a thick 9" but the biggest she had was over 12".

She said he was by far the best she ever had. I'm 6" and not thick. She usually brings that up during our arguements. It's a huge turn on to me that she has been plowed by such well hung guys. I have been the only white man my wife has had sex with.

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She married me even though she was a size queen and in love with black cock. It also helped that I was open-minded, I enjoyed sexual sharing, and I was bisexual. While we dated she told me the biggest dick she sat on was 10 inches. I imagined how big his dick must have looked compared to my 6-inch thick cock.

My wife said she was happy with my girth but still yearned for the depth. Is was easy to coax her into contacting her ex-boyfriend with the inch dick. I got to watch her ride his big black cock and I came as I saw his balls tighten and spill his seed in her white pussy. Only have had two cocks. I gave it up to my husband when I was 17 and he was A year later i started to wonder what another dick would feel like?

I was working at McDonald's and my supervisor who was only a year or two older was always bragging to us girls on his sexual powers. I got curious and started wondering what it would be like to have him fuck me. After a few times of kissing in the parking lot after work while he ran his hands all over my body I let his hand pull my skirt up and his had disappear into my panties.

Well I knew I had to let him do it. Another night we just got into the back seat of my dad's station wagon. My dress and bra and the lower part of my skirt were all bunched up around my stomach and he had his pants at his knees.

He forced my head down while he leaned back and I was face to face with his dick. After all his talk about how endowed he was it wasn't a bit bigger than what I had been getting from my bf and maybe even a bit smaller. I sucked him for a minute or two and was having regrets. He laid me down and spread my legs and popped it into me. It was only three minutes later he was cumming on my my bunched up Married women like big dick.

After that and still today I am satified with a man who was an average sized dick. I think it's not how big but how you use what you have. I asked my wife this and she told me her ex and she probably married him because they always were fucking. Then she told me she still had a dvd they made if I really wanted to see it. He was really big and thick too. Guessing 8x6? One video is her lowering herself on to it on a couch. Took him slow and just half until she got comfortable and then took long strokes up and down. I asked her if she missed it and she admitted she did at time.

I surprised her with an extension sleeve and stretch and fill her a few times a month. We even replicated the couch ride and videoed it. Pretty close comparison. A black coworker pounded me into multiple orgasms with his thick 8 inches. My huysband has 5 inches, he's no match for a black dick. If he didn't earn so much money, I wouldn't be with him now.

He and Married women like big dick dated a while before I married. I told him when I married that my pussy was his whenever and forever. Ladies this guy is all man and can still make me scream. My husband is tied for biggest. Smallest was 5" One guy, great sex, one guy not so great. My wife had a incher before meeting me, I'm average size.

She said he was a selfish lover, didn't care if she came it was wham bam thank u maam. She's quute pleased with mine. I work in a senior home, there is that old man in his eighties who has the biggest dick I ever had. Love riding him. Woman, 33 y. I had many guys bigger before we got married.

I ran into one of my old boyfriends in the store a few years after ai was married and ended up fucking him in the backseat of his car in the store parking garage. Since then we have met at least a few times a year just to fuck for a few hours. That satisfies my craving for bigger cock. I tell my husband stories of guys who fucked me because it turns him on.

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But I never tell him about my regular fun. I'm pretty average at 5. My wife loved it and was eager to have him again, they fucked regularly for a while, only guy I have ever shared my wife with. The 2 biggest cocks my wife had were when she started sucking cock when she was 12 and they were 17 year old guys she hung out with. She said she was just a friend doing them a favor.

Never had that done before. She told both guys were thicker and one guy was about same length and other guy was a little bigger. Definitely would be my father-in-law, wish my husband had his dad's penis and no I would never tell.

I wonder if they discuss it with each other. One time we went over when his mom was out of town and I wore yoga pants that showed a cameltoe. Caught him and we made eye contact once and both just smiled. My wife's biggest is her black boss, he is based in another part of the country but when he visits she always spends the night at his hotel with him. She says he is twice as big as I am and can fuck her for hours.

You'd love to watch her get plowed by bbc in front of you, wouldn't you?

Married women like big dick

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