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The West Virginia and Regional History Center recently acquired the daybook, or daily ing log, for Morgantown tailor Sanford Married dating Morgantown, who according to Ancestrywas born in Monongalia County on 30 Octoberand passed away on 27 June He married Aneliza Ramsey Dating from ca. Inside the front cover of the Sanford Pickenpaugh daybook, a Morgantown Tailor of 27 years at the time. For example, one of his customers was Joseph Kerns borna grandson of Michael Kerns borna veteran of the Revolutionary War, and an early Morgantown pioneer responsible for building Kerns Fort.

A granddaughter later reminisced about the plantation, where Nimrod grew up:. Large flocks of sheep were raised. All the clothing blankets were made at home. Yarn was spun, colored and knit into stockings. From the flax was made all the household linen, even the thread that was used being made from the finest of flax. Chestnut, hickory and oak were used for fuel.

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Fire was kept overnight by laying thick pieces of bark on the coals then covering them thickly with ashes. If the fire went out it had to be started with a flint as there were no matches in those days. There was a crane in the fireplace which had several hooks so that two or three kettles could hang over the fire at one time. The bread was baked Married dating Morgantown ovens and on the hearth. There were two cook tables and plenty of cooking utensils in the kitchen. There was a spring close by, and the water trickled from it across the floor of the milk-house, keeping the milk always cool.

The daybook documents Nimrod purchasing clothing for his family, and his payment with bushels of corn and barrels of flour suggests that he had a farm like his father. Record of Payment by Nimrod Dent for clothing, including bushels of corn and a barrel of flour.

For example, Mrs. Owen Hawker purchased a coat for her son in by providing Pickenpaugh a large quantity of apple butter in installments of quarts and gallons.

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Record of payment with apple butter by Mrs. Owen Harker for a coat for her son. Other goods bartered for clothing documented in the daybook include bundles of straw, bushels of potatoes, corn meal, and lumber, among others. For information regarding Sanford Pickenpaugh, his on the Ancestry website was consulted. will not be published. Your Website. WVU Libraries. You Want A Coat? Give Me Apple Butter! Daybook entries for Joseph Kerns. Record of billing Nimrod Dent for purchase of clothing.

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Daybook of Sanford Pickenpaugh,

Married dating Morgantown

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