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Register Need Help? Easterseals provides exceptional services to ensure that all people with disabilities or special needs and their families have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities. Save the Date!

Helping people with disabilities is what we do at Easterseals One way to get involved is participating in an Easterseals event -- there's something for everyone. Easterseals New Hampshire offers services to help our neighbors live their happiest, most productive lives. This video is a sampling of our programs supporting children, young adults, adults, seniors, and veterans. Together, we are the face of Easterseals. I have Muscular Dystrophy which requires full care for all activities of daily living.

Through home …. Through home and community-based services in New Jersey, I am able to live in the community rather than an institution. I have a full-time job at Easterseals, where I work with the national staff as a Digital Content Producer.

I also work on video game accessibility and disability representation as a freelance consultant. Beyond work, I spend time with my family and my loving partner of almost 7 years. My family just got a Yorkshire Terrier named Madelyn who loves to run around my room and jump on my wheelchair. On the weekends, I play games with my niece who just started 5th grade, and help her with her homework. I share all of that with you to let you understand my humanity. To show you that I am not just a on aor a statistic.

My life has value, as all Manchester New Hampshire mo women adult sites do. If I lived in an institution, I would not be able to do any of the things I cherish. My physical and mental well-being would be in jeopardy. If you truly believed in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness for all, then do the right thing and fully fund home and community-based services. We need that funding so people like me, who are disabled and have great plans for their future, can realize those dreams.

Higher wages are needed to meet the demand of people living in the community. Without it, that means even longer waitlists, and even more people dying in institutions. During the height of COVID, we lost so many people living in these congregate settings, making the demand for community care more pressing than ever. Segregation is injustice. The disability community is paying attention to the vote. Make the right choice not just for us, but for the entire nation — because only a nation that is more just and equal is truly united.

Through this transitional employment program, Easterseals partners with community-based non-profit organizations and government agencies host agencies to provide participants with training opportunities to update their skills. Crystal: The Senior Community Services Employment Program SCSEP is a federally funded program through the United States Department of Labor that assists low-income mature job-seekers, year-old or older, in building their skills to becoming employed in the workforce.

This government funded program has been around since What are some of the best things about hiring older workers? Why should companies consider this untapped market? Crystal: Mature workers are reliable, they are dependable, experienced, and trustworthy. They add so much value to any company or organization.

That diversity in the workforce is crucial. A lot of times mature job-seekers are cross-trained over the younger generation with the soft skills that are especially important in the workforce such as being extremely punctual, and having interpersonal people skills. That is an area that our mature job-seekers can ace their younger counterparts in.

Max: Also, their life experiences, just bring a different perspective. Mature job-seekers have been through many different life events, and they just have a different view on things. A company or organization can tap in on that and come at any issue with this different point of view. A lot of our folks are very punctual; they will show up maybe 15 minutes to a half hour before they are supposed to be at a meeting.

They bring a zest for being involved. That is a fantastic asset to bring to Manchester New Hampshire mo women adult sites company — wanting to be there, wanting to learn. Crystal: Hire for the attitude and train for the skill.

Max: Our folks have great attitudes, and they are very trainable.

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They love to learn new stuff. I look at it this way — they may think they are old, but, from the perspective of the universe, we are all super young. Crystal: Mature job seekers want to be active and vibrant; they want to be involved in community engagement. And they want to fulfill that purpose. A lot of careers that our SCSEP participants are closely connected to, during this season in their life, are around community service, non-profit, and social services—because they want to give back.

Because they love to give back and they love to help. They really do well in those environments. What is your advice to a mature job-seeker who is concerned that their age might work against them while on the job hunt? Max: We tell job seekers that you have a lot to offer an employer. Highlight what you bring to the table— years of experience, being on time, dedication to getting the job done.

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The more places you apply to, the closer you get to your launching point. The next job could be a stepping stone to another career! That confidence is what we work to instill in everybody. Crystal: The job market is amazing right now. Think about everything that you bring to the table. Your wisdom, your experience and your patience highlight valued assets in the workforce.

We hold up a mirror to our job-seekers and tell them this is how valuable you are, and this is what you bring to the plate. Crystal: During the pandemic, our Easterseals staff had to pivot to working virtually. Many of our mature job seekers learned Teams, and Zoom. Easterseals Oregon has a weekly town hall where over mature job seekers are on Zoom, in the chat box, and actively participating. Our mature job seekers have bounced into a state of resiliency. That was really a testament to how they learned and how they continue to learn. Depending on how open your state is, job-seekers are pivoting to a virtual experience.

We are working more to make sure their toolboxes are equipped with the skills necessary to become employable, that relates to virtual employment. We have training and workshops on how to show up to virtual meetings, and have a Zoom background. We also have mature trainers who can speak side by side about their experiences in navigating through the pandemic.

We have had a lot Manchester New Hampshire mo women adult sites successes, but we still have quite a way to go. Has the pandemic shown that there is a technology disparity among mature job-seekers? Max: Yes. The pandemic highlighted that our population definitely needs more access to technology because, for some of them, getting on to the internet might be an issue.

Going forward, we need to make sure we can find funding or find opportunities for folks to get computers. In New Jersey, we were really fortunate. We found an organization that was started by high school student — he refurbishes computers, and we were able to get 50 of our participants computers so that they could get on the internet.

We are looking to see if we can expand that into our New York program. As far as employment, we did have a streak going prior to the pandemic — we were getting a participant a job a day for 5 straight years! When the pandemic hit, we were getting a job every other day.

Inwe are getting back on track with getting a job a day for our participants, which is exciting. We are keeping our fingers crossed that continues.

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Is there a link between any SCSEP programs and the push for Congress to pass the infrastructure bill that would fully fund Home and Community-based services? Max: Improving the internet and cyber infrastructure would open that up to more communities and give our folks more opportunities to get involved, to look for employment, and to be able to be more a part of their communities.

Moving forward, hopefully there is more funding coming down the pipeline for employment-based programs that SCSEP does benefit from. Crystal: Additionally, when infrastructure of our ro is improved, that will enable our job-seekers to be more accessible to opportunities in their communities. Max: All of them. I am proud of all our programs.

Manchester New Hampshire mo women adult sites

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