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Buying a home of her own became a priority for Kelly Robinson during the pandemic, as she began to feel cramped in her Indianapolis apartment. How much house can I afford? How does inflation affect my standard of living? How much do I need to save for retirement?

More Videos Here's what it's like to house hunt in one of the craziest markets in the country. Fed official: As Covid subsides, so will the price pressures. IMF warns of rising risks to the global economy. The US economy addedjobs in September. Mohamed El-Erian: The Fed needs to ease off the accelerator. Supply chain snafus touch every corner of the economy. Warren to Jerome Powell: Your record gives me grave concern.

Commerce Secretary: Chip shortage will impact holiday shopping. Moody's chief economist: US default would be 'cataclysmic'. For restaurants, the economic recovery is 'moving in reverse'. Lack of new cars is lifting used car prices. These robots are filling open jobs at restaurants. Slow relief funds rollout means renters face uncertain future. Maersk CEO: The trade pipeline is bursting at the seams. More from Financial Empowerment. Among the top amenities she was looking for: outdoor space and more privacy.

Further motivated by record low interest rates, Robinson set her sights to buy in the spring when she expected more properties would be available. It would also give her time to get her finances in order. .

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And having to make an immediate decision the day you see it? That is another thing that makes me really nervous. So she decided to put the home search on ice and continue renting. Kelly Robinson wants to buy a home outside of Indianapolis, but said the market is too aggressive now and has decided to wait. If I overpay or don't get an inspection, that will cause bigger issues down the road. Up against all-cash offers they can't match and a feeding frenzy on each house they visit, many buyers are dropping out of the market and opting to wait it out and reevaluate their options.

Burned-out buyers. The housing market was on fire this springleaving many would-be buyers burned out.

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Low mortgage rates have been fueling demand, but there's also been a record-low inventory of available properties. But home sales have fallen for the fourth month in a row, on a monthly basis, partially because there aren't enough homes to buy, but also because the competition and higher prices are turnoffs to those who can't afford to compete, according to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors. That's a record low. High home prices were cited as the main reason people were pessimistic toward home buying.

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That sentiment was particularly strong among renters looking to buy for the first time, said Doug Duncan, senior vice president and chief economist at Fannie Mae. Still, even in the face of tough buying conditions, many would-be homeowners remain intent on purchasing now, Duncan said, especially with mortgage rates still relatively low and a down payment ready to go.

Just because it is difficult doesn't mean it is impossible. Ride out the wild market by renting.

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It's true, buying a home is not impossible. Plenty of people are doing it. But more people have tried and still aren't able to buy. And there are limits to how much time and emotional energy buyers are willing to put toward being shut out of the market. First-time homebuyers Steven and Laura Andranigian planned to move from their home near Monterey, California, to the Coachella Valley in southern California, where they have family and Laura got a job teaching elementary school.

Steven and Laura Andranigian were ready to be first-time homebuyers when they moved to California's Coachella Valley. But after house hunting for months, they have decided to rent instead. Many times, the houses are gone before they can even make an offer. Twice they've been laughed at for asking for time to get a pre-offer inspection. They've lost out on five bids so far. And it is still like, 'Well, you're not able to participate. They had been saving to buy a home for years and have been looking for months.

But now they realize that their purchase options are to buy something that needs work in an area they don't want to live, to wait for a new construction home and pay a premium for it, or to buy something over their budget. Even when you've done everything right you still need more? The Andranigians have decided to abandon their home search. It's easy to sell a home these days. The catch is you have to find another one to buy.

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But getting a rental isn't going to be easy either. The most galling turn of events, he said, would be to have to rent a home they had put an offer on before. They've already seen some homes that they bid on come back to market as rental homes right after closing. Even though a property like that would be the kind of home they would love to live in, it would pour salt in the wound to have to rent it after trying to buy it, he said. That may be worse. We don't want to rent the place. We want to buy.

Looking for someone wild and crazy

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