Lookin for a battle buddy

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Written by Morgan Snyder. When someone enlists into the U. Army, they are ased a battle buddy BB. What an adorable name for such a huge, and often scary, responsibility! A team, whether it is soldiers in battle or a couple committed in marriage, needs everyone looking out for each other.

But this system is not just implemented once they get to the battle field; a soldier is ased his or her battle buddy early on in their training. That trust is built before the battle field; it happens when they need to go to the gym and their BB is their go-to workout partner. It comes when they are having a bad day and they need someone to give them a little grace, or they are homesick and they need a distraction or someone to talk to.

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The security that the battle buddy system brings truly speaks to the need that every person has to be connected and known. I read a story once of a man in the Armed Forces that planned on committing suicide. When he made the attempt, he found that the firing pin had been removed from his gun.

His battle buddy had noticed s of stress in him earlier that day and chose to remove it. Marriage creates a similar, and even more intimate opportunity for a person to be truly taken care of. The relationship starts with dating, getting to know each other, and establishing trust.

Inevitably, difficult things arise in our lives and if viewed correctly and intentionally maintained, a marriage can act as a safe place and defense system.

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It gives both parties an ally in times of trouble, a teammate in times of confusion, friend in times of loneliness, a pal in good times, and person to laugh with as you experience life together. All this being said, marriage is not a cure-all.

Marriage allows two people to grow as individuals and together, and that is truly satisfying. That is powerful. My husband loves writing.

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He journals, takes notes, writes out his ideas and thoughts daily. Yesterday I received an from him with a link to something very personal that he had typed up. Thank you for always being in it with me. I read that and smiled. It meant the world to me that he would send something so vulnerable to me, that he would trust me with his most inner thoughts and feelings.

It is a privilege to be married, but so often we view marriage as just a burden. We can get caught up on being frustrated with our spouse, think only about day-to-day things, only talk to them in passing, but there is power in being part of a team.

Our marriages naturally give us a battle buddy, someone to lean on.

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I have the image in my mind of two people in a battle, standing back to back, guns ablaze, fighting in unison and protecting each other. That is a powerful image in cinema, and to do that in our marriages has even more impact. We, our children, our world, will be better off for it! Name required. will not be published required. Cart 0.

Battle Buddies Posted on June 17, at am. Written by Morgan Snyder When someone enlists into the U. As an essential service provider, Marriage Works! We are providing in-person couples counseling. Our classes are being offered through online platforms or are being rescheduled for the future.

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Lookin for a battle buddy

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