High caliber Almond

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We are able to match our almonds to the specific quality requirements of each customer. There are approximately 30 varieties of almonds grown in California. Nonpareil has a flat shape, smooth surface, and light color. A thin outer shell and high suture opening make it a popular in-shell almond.

Nonpareil almonds are used anywhere an attractive appearance is important.

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Sonora has a long, narrow shape, smooth surface, and light color. Generally Sonora kernels are larger than Nonpareil. Sonora In-shell are considered very desirable, known for their paper shell and very high crack-outs. Independence has a flat shape and wrinkled surface. The color is inconsistent but tends to be semi-light. In-shell Independence are known for thin shells and high crack-outs.

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As the first major self-pollinating variety in California, there are considerable young plantings of Independence and volumes in the market will grow considerably in the coming years. Carmel type varieties have more wrinkled surfaces and are darker than Nonpareil. Carmel types have a wide range of shell hardness.

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They are often used for blanching, roasting, and other applications where buyers are looking for a longer shape than Mission type but do not need as light of color as Nonpareil. This classification includes varieties that are generally blanchable and used primarily in manufactured products, nut mixes, and confectionery. California type almonds have a wide range of shell hardness, kernel shapes, skin color, and surface characteristics.

Mission type almonds have a rich flavor, and their kernels are generally small, wide, and often plump. The kernel skin is generally darker than Nonpareil and wrinkled, which enhances salt and flavor adherence.

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Blanching is not as common for this type, but some varieties in this classification are blanchable. Using the same USDA grading standards, we can customize a specification starting from one of these grades.

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Varieties There are approximately 30 varieties of almonds grown in California. We are known for supplying higher specs that surpass buyer expectations.

High caliber Almond

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