Handy woman seeks handy man

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Homeowners are investing in small property upgrades now more than ever. As a handyman, you can take this unprecedented time to your advantage.

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But how do you get the word out about your services? If you offer a handyman service and you're looking to revamp your marketing efforts to grow your client list, this blog post can help. Here are a few handyman advertising tips to expand your business in this new year.

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To continue any business insmall business owners have had to adjust their services to meet the needs of COVID safety guidelines. The strict rules might seem like a hindrance.

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But a safety plan will actually build customer trust and protect your community—plus, you can use these safety guidelines as an angle to market your business and attract prospective customers. Do you find yourself staring at screens a bit more than usual? Since the pandemic, a majority of Americans admitted to increased screen time on their computers, phones, and TVs.

Luckily, bottomless phone scrolling can help boost your handyman advertising. The most important factor in advertising your handyman services is meeting prospective customers where they are. Nextdoor is where local businesses like yours can connect and communicate with other nearby customers. When locals are searching for a special hair salon, a new restaurant to try, or finding the best handyman for the job—they ask the people who know the area best - their neighbors.

To in on this word-of-mouth advertising, you need to claim your free Business. From there, you can customize it with your business story, showcase your work with before and after photos, promote local deals, gather recommendations, and communicate with prospective clients in ZIP codes you want to target through a Neighborhood Sponsorship.

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On top of this, locals can then start recommending your services to others, all at no cost to you. This is some of the easiest handyman marketing you can do to attract a larger following within your community. As a local businessdocumenting your work and placing it on social media is an effective advertising tool. The greatest benefits of social media are its reach and cost-effectiveness.

With a few photos and some key hashtags, you can build a following that will attract new locals to your business. Here are some essential elements to creating a strong and attractive professional presence online:. In the gig economy, it can be hard to build a stable customer base. And with people socially distancing in their homes, physical word of mouth is probably a less common way to find service providers.

Luckily, online listing platforms can direct at-home customers from their screen to your handyman business. As an intermediary between customer and worker, online listing apps facilitate contracting agreements.

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Just provide your location, services, prices, and availability, and users with Handy woman seeks handy man needs will be able to find you. Consider ing these top platforms to find local customers:. Another benefit of online listing apps? The review sections. The more customers you acquire, the more chances you have to build a high rating and appear in more searches. Ask your online listing customers to post a review and watch your requests soar. When hiring a contractor, most customers are looking for the highest quality that fits their budget.

To convince potential clients that you can deliver excellent services, you have to build an ethos for your handyman business. Whether through a bonafide certification or five-star reviews, start laying the foundation for a solid reputation among clientele this upcoming year.

Regardless of the profession, official pedigrees stoke a level of customer trust and confidence. And with your handyman business, certifications advertise your service quality and expertise. Beyond state requirements, additional certifications are still excellent marketing tools.

Display all degrees clearly on your website, social media, and online listing profiles. Customers will be drawn to your higher qualifications. As a handyman, reviews work as advertisements for your business. To boost your business, start collecting and sharing as many good reviews as possible. Read on for some methods to reach five-star glory:. The brunt of the pandemic has landed on local businesses.

However, quarantine presents a new opportunity for local vendors to support each other. By teaming up, your handyman operation can thrive alongside fellow businesses. However, with these advertising practices, you can ensure your handyman business has the best chance to grow. Business Wire.

In-Home Repair Services. Next Insurance. Handyman requirements by state: a comprehensive guide. National Newspaper Association. Claim your free Business to get started on Nextdoor. For resources on how to use Nextdoor to stay connected with your local customers, pertinent news affecting businesses, and more, follow us at nextdoorbusiness on Facebook. Advertising Ideas for your Handyman Business in January 13, Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team. For resources on how to use Nextdoor to stay connected with your local customers, pertinent news affecting business, and more, follow us at nextdoorbusiness on Facebook.

About Author. Nextdoor Editorial Team. At Nextdoor, we love local. The Nextdoor Editorial Team is dedicated to telling stories of local businesses, providing product education, and sharing marketing best practices to help businesses grow. Related Local Business Articles. How your business can leverage Nextdoor's hashtag and mentions features. Fun and safe Halloween marketing ideas for your small business. Nextdoor Insights: Support for local businesses remains strong.

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Handy woman seeks handy man

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