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Dawson's Creekan American television serieswas created by Kevin Williamsonwho was the executive producer until the end of the show's second season. Paul Stupin shared the executive producer role until Williamson left, and remained until the series finale along with Tom Kapinos and Greg Prange.

Between January 20,and May 14,Dawson's Creek aired six seasons on the American television network The WBthe first a mid-season replacement and the following five as regular seasons. One hundred and twenty-eight episodes were produced over the show's six-year run, and concluded with a two-hour series finale. All six seasons are available on DVD in Regions 1, 2 and 4. The first season, 13 episodes, ran from January 20 to May 19, The episodes were shot inbefore the Free sex Dawson Creek premiered.

The season takes place during what is approximately the first three months of the characters' sophomore year. The second season ran from October 7, to May 26, This season picks up immediately where season one left off and follows the characters through the remainder of their sophomore year. Dawson is unsure about whether to tell Joey about her father's drug dealing. Sheriff Witter stakes out the Ice House, believing that Mr.

Potter is back to his old tricks. When the gang is studying in the restaurant, one of Mr. Potter's Free sex Dawson Creek competitors sets it on fire with everyone still inside, increasing Dawson's anguish. Gail tells Mitch that she has been offered a new job in Philadelphia, and that she intends to accept it, with Mitch moving back into the Leery house to supervise Dawson. Pacey becomes depressed now that Andie is gone; his father mocks his pain, which in a physical confrontation between them.

As a result, Sheriff Witter comes to understand Andie's importance in Pacey's life and that he has been a bad father. Jack becomes worried that Jen is suicidal when she didn't immediately leave the burning Ice House. Dawson has already confronted Mr. Potter about backing out of the drug business; the arson convinces his parents that he should go to the police, but instead he goes to Joey. She aids the police in arresting her father, understanding it is the right thing to do, but afterwards tells Dawson she will never forgive him for his role in forcing her decision, bringing their romance to a second grinding halt.

Season 3 aired from September 29, to May 24, and features twenty-three episodes. This season takes place during the characters' junior year of high school in Capeside. There were several cast changes from season two. The two had ly held special guest star roles in the season with Smith appearing in twenty episodes and Monroe appearing in twenty-one. Dawson returns from spending the summer in Philadelphia with his mother, and on the journey home meets a beautiful blonde girl, Eve Brittany Danielwho takes a liking to him. He hasn't spoken to Joey all summer. Jen gets an unexpected offer after she stands up to the school's popular crowd.

Mitch becomes the new coach of the high school football team, and leaves for a coaching conference. Eve shows very clear interest in Dawson, and he takes her out on Mitch's motorboat with the intent of impressing her; it works, but during a moment of distraction which is implied to have involved fellatiohe crashes the boat into the docks.

Eve, it transpires, is a stripper, and Pacey, who is trying to distract himself while waiting for Andie's return, hatches a plan to host a house party with her co-workers at the Leery residence to raise repair money.

Joey takes that moment to return to Dawson's life. She offers herself to Dawson, but he rejects her. Dawson struggles with whether or not to tell Jen the truth about Eve, who has by now left town. Later, his mother returns to Capeside, but it isn't initially clear why. Jen is reluctant to plan a big homecoming event thrown by all the homecoming queens of Capeside High, but is persuaded to get involved by Henry who is friends with the host of the event. She repays him by asking him to be her date to the party, but later disappoints him when she rejects his advances.

Dawson also attends the event as an escort for his mother, herself a former homecoming queen, and accidentally discovers that she is having career difficulties. Elsewhere, Andie calls Joey in a panic: she is at a party with Rob and claims he Free sex Dawson Creek pushed her too far. However, in the morning, Andie is convinced they have gotten back together while Pacey feels no such thing, and politely but firmly sets her straight. Meanwhile, Rob tells Joey that he made no unwelcome advances.

Andie accuses Joey of sabotaging her chances of a reunion with Pacey, all but admitting that she falsified the story of Rob's sexual assault, but the two girls end up bonding when Andie realizes Joey is not to blame. In an effort to add excitement to a dull school project, Dawson decides to make a documentary, enlisting the help of Joey, Pacey and Jen.

The group head to a small island near Capeside, rumoured to be haunted by the ghosts of thirteen girls killed in the 17th century after being accused of witchcraft. Joey finds similarities between her own life and that of one of the dead girls, which provokes some deep reflections on her strained relationship with Dawson. After some exploratory conversations, Jen and Pacey make the decision to become friends with benefits. Back at school, Andie gets a little too involved with her role as head of the school disciplinary committee.

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When Dawson screens his documentary for his class, Joey is forced to again question her opinions about love and happiness. Dawson, Joey, Jack and Andie spend the weekend at a Boston university for an advance look at college life.

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Dawson enters his "Witch Island" documentary in a student film festival; it is derided as a The Blair Witch Project knockoff. Moller Robin Dunne ; the two get off to a rough start, but smooth things over after bonding over childhood literature. Andie's pursuit for an advanced admissions interview le her to some inspirational advice from an unlikely source, and Jack takes a risk and explores the local gay community.

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The weekend ends with the promise of three new romances: Joey gives A. Joey is chosen as one of only a handful of students selected to paint an inspirational mural on a school wall. At the unveiling, it is revealed that Joey's mural has been vandalized, and when Pacey identifies Matt Caulfield as the culprit, he takes vigilante action which lands him in troubled. As part of his punishment, Principal Green enrolls him in the Capeside mentoring scheme, and Pacey seems excited at the chance to help local kids; Caulfield is expelled after his alibi accidentally reveals that he is the only person besides Joey who actually knows what the mural looked like.

Racked with guilt about her dishonesty over the test, Andie, against the advice of Jack, confesses the truth to Principal Green, who is deeply disappointed. Pacey's home life becomes over-crowded when his sister Carrie and her children come to stay.

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He decides to move in with Doug, who is less than pleased with the idea. Pacey and Joey bond further when Dawson inadvertently pushes Joey to see how much Pacey genuinely cares for her. Jen and Henry go through a bumpy time when she is consumed with jealously over his friendship with a waitress at Gail's restaurant. Dawson, Joey, Andie, Pacey and Will Krudski Rodney Scotthood friend of the gang who has remained close with Pacey and is using several episodes of this show as a backdoor pilot for Young Americanshead to the house of Dawson's Aunt Gwen Julie Bowen to spend their school holiday away from Capeside.

The trip is filled with tension as Joey and Pacey attempt to fight their feelings. Andie and Will appear to have a connection, and Dawson tries to bond again with Joey, who is preoccupied by her feelings for Pacey. Encouraged by Dawson's aunt, the friends have a karaoke contest. Pacey kisses Joey again and informs her that she must make the next move.

At the end of the episode, Joey initiates a kiss with Pacey. The day Pacey and Joey's relationship goes public is played out four Free sex Dawson Creek, each time revealing a little more of what happened, a structure inspired by the film Go. Each repetition stars a different character:. As the looping perspectives end, Dawson gives Joey an ultimatum: if she continues her relationship with Pacey, she will be subsequently ending their friendship. Joey is brokenhearted at losing one of them, but reluctantly ends things with Pacey.

Dawson's Creek fourth season started on October 4, and ended on May 23, This season takes place during the characters' senior year of high school in Capeside. Meredith Monroe left the series after episode, "You Had Me at Goodbye", but continued to be credited episodes remaining in the season, returning only to participate in the episode "The Graduate". While Andie is recovering from her near-fatal overdose at the party, Jack blames Jen for the whole incident and refuses to talk to Free sex Dawson Creek. Jen blames Drue for her life falling apart when he turns Grams and the whole town against her by telling everyone that they intentionally gave Andie the drugs.

After Andie comes home from the hospital, her father offers her the chance to spend the rest of the school year in Italy with a relative, telling her that she has more than enough credits to graduate.

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Andie decides to go and plans a goodbye dinner with the whole gang. She tells them how important life is and not to waste valuable time with useless bickering. Jack and Jen get things straight and Andie tricks Dawson and Pacey into playing nice with each other, resulting in the last photograph of the six main characters together as friends. The population of Capeside High minus Andie arrive to find that this year's senior prank involves a sailboat belonging to Principal Peskin Harry Shearer in the school swimming pool with the words 'Class of ' emblazoned on the sail in white paint.

On board the boat is his dog, Chester, who was kidnapped the day. Dawson, Pacey and Jack are prime suspects: Pacey is the only senior with access to the boatyard whence Peskin's boat was stolen, Dawson has keyholder access to the school through access to his father's keyring, and a nervous Jack attracts attention from Chester, as well as admitting to buying white paint.

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