Flirting at subway

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There is perhaps no romantic fairy tale so potently woven into the minds of my single friends than the story of two soul mates who met by chance dozens of feet underground, in the New York City subway system.

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As mundane as it so often is, we hold on to this glimmer of hope that perhaps this commute will change everything. And guess what—one even ended in marriage.

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I found stories of successful romantic connections that came about in the most ordinary circumstances. I hopped in and found myself in the backseat next to a blond guy in a nice suit. We chatted throughout the drive, and just as we reached his stop, he asked for my. A few weeks later we had a great dinner date at a charming little spot in my neighborhood. One of my girlfriends met a guy she dated for a year!! It was a busy night toward the end of summer, and cabs were scarce and expensive! Squished in the backseat with nineties tunes playing, she found herself rapping along in perfect sync with the guy sitting next to her.

Call he did. Romance aside, I have met some really nice and interesting people in shared rides—especially on the way home from the airport. I make a point to say hello to anyone I share a ride with and never talk on the phone. Conversation starters in a shared ride are so, so easy. A female friend of Flirting at subway here in New York pulled the same move on the subway. Another guy who lived in my building in the East Village a couple years ago met his girlfriend on the bus in Brooklyn.

When her stop came and she went to get off the bus, he initially just let her go.

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But in a swell of romance, he leapt up and asked for her just as she was descending the stairs. He held up the bus for a full minute to make the exchange happen, and it was well worth inconveniencing the other riders—they dated for close to a year! It was early Marchand he and I had the same morning commute to work, so we would see each other about every other day on the subway platform. Maybe it was his good looks! We went on our first date the following Sunday to a French tapas place near Washington Square Park and have been together ever since. I was planning on moving back to Dallas that May, [but] chance flirting on the subway kept both of us in New York a year longer—followed by a marriage proposal and a wedding after that.

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Now I always tell people, you never know where you might meet someone! This book helped me a lot with that element. Also, be willing to flirt back.

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The key to getting the ball rolling and letting this guy know that his interest in you is welcome is in the eye contact as the stories above have illustrated. Hold his gaze juuust a little bit longer than feels natural. Take out your earbuds.

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Have your business card in your bag at all times. Home Relationships. By Taylor Davies. By Monica Gabriel Marshall.

Flirting at subway

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Don't Hit on Women on the Subway but if You're Going to, Do It Like This