Emily wives for sex

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The two families had been friends since their kids met in elementary school. It started with school events and playdates, then scouts, then turned into family dinners and even weekends away together. The husbands liked each other quite a bit, and the wives also.

They were a nice quartet. One night the men went out for a night at the bar, so the wives got together at home. Charlene and Emily really liked each other, but had never gotten really personal until this particular evening. Maybe it was the wine working.

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Emily asked Charlene, "So Charlene. How's your love life? Charlene replied, "What? Fine, I guess," feeling like the question seemingly came out of the blue. She was a private person and was not very comfortable sharing intimate details, no matter how close she and Emily were. For some reason Charlene felt comfortable this time. She trusted Emily. William and I are very happy with each other. Emily snorted. You know what a package is. The size of his stuff. I've seen him in a swimsuit. It looks like William is pretty well-endowed. After lunch William fell asleep and got an erection.

I happened to notice it, and I was like, wow. It looks big. So, is it? But she realized she trusted Emily so she took the plunge. But I can grab it with both hands, and still the head sticks out past my hands. And it's pretty big around too. We're friends. I promise I won't tell anyone.

It's just between us girls. I'm just curious. Glen is pretty average in that department. Emily decided, in for a penny, in for a pound. At first I was intimidated by him. I mean, that thing is scary big.

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But, come on. I ended up marrying him. At this point I'm adjusted to it. Our sex life is very satisfying. It's not just the penis, but everything. He's a pretty amazing lover. He puts me first. And he lasts forever. It's like the reverse of premature ejaculation. He has great stamina. And also, now, this is just between you and me. Our sex life is not just screwing. We're both into oral sex. Both of us are kind of expert at pleasing the other, if you know what I mean.

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So yeah, we have a great time in bed. He treats me like a queen and I think he's happy too. She was silent for a minute. Emily slumped her shoulders. She thought about her humdrum sex life with Glen. She loved him in many ways, but the sex was just so-so. She hadn't had a good strong orgasm in a couple of years. You guys seem so happy and we're just blah. And now with my birthday coming up, I'm sort of taking stock of where I am at The sex is just part of it. You know, like what I've done with my life, what's next. All Emily wives for sex stuff. You guys seem really happy. There's more to life than just sex.

It can't be that bad, can it? Glen is a great guy. I really like him and so does William. And he's a great dad. I see you guys as the perfect couple. Our sex life is OK but I wish it were more. I guess I'm just hornier than he is. Just once I'd like to find out what really satisfying sex is. And to be honest, I kind of have a secret fantasy about being with a well-hung guy.

They were silent.

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Emily indulged her fantasy, only now it had a face. William's face. Who apparently was also quite the lover. Emily perked up with an idea. She lowered her voice, leaned forward to Charlene, and spoke conspiratorially. Charlene had thought long and hard about how to broach the subject with William. One night after dinner, she brought it up. William had to consider his answer carefully. This could go badly if he admitted that he had fantasized about having sex with Emily.

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She had some great tits, and he'd seen enough of her to know he could really get into those curves. She's cute. Not as cute as you, though. Besides, he meant it.

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William was really attracted to his wife. Do you think you could become a couple? I don't know how to answer that. I mean, yeah I suppose.

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But I don't want to imagine you two being dead. This is weird. What brought this up? Emily wants to sleep with you one time, for a 50 th birthday present. I had told her what a great lover you were, and one thing led to another, and we agreed that it might be worth a try asking you.

We were a little drunk on wine that night you guys went out, and she kind of pried it out of me. She asked me if you had a big dick. I guess she saw it that time at the beach. I said, yeah, it's big, and also that you're a fantastic lover, and everything. But the highlights. I mean, Honey, you're more than just your size. You please me so well. You know you're a stud, you have to admit that.

Emily wives for sex

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