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In The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaugthe second of three very long movies Peter Jackson has managed to squeeze out of one fairly short book, Bilbo Baggins Martin Freeman finally encounters the mighty reptilian menace of the title.

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Drawing on the most exciting chapters of J. This Hobbit is, in other words, a much more eventful affair than its year-old predecessor. After an ominous prologue, in which the wise wizard Gandalf Ian McKellen has a grave chat with dwarf leader Thorin Richard Armitagethe film races back to where Jackson left off in An Unexpected Journey : Bilbo and his dirty dozen of squat companions make their way across the more treacherous expanses of Middle-earth, their destination a mighty mountain guarded by a fearsome monster. Though he relies a bit too heavily on digital movie magic these days, Jackson remains a skilled purveyor of derring-do.

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With introductions out of the way, the cast—including the whopping 12 actors playing dwarves—finds more room to create characters out of these adventurers with funny names. Aidan Turner, as pint-sized hunk Kili, and Ken Stott, as senior comrade Balin, make the biggest impression with their expanded screen time. An Unexpected Journeyfor example, could have been reduced to a great first act.

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But that Bucklebury Ferry has sailed. Tolkien fans will have to make do with these super-sized adaptations.

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