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About a year ago Angry female needed found myself in a depression. Sometimes like a fog, the air thick to breathe and hard to walk through. Sometimes like a rain cloud, hanging over my head and following me from task to task like a cartoon, the threat of rain worse than rain itself. Fighting against it to do all the things I needed to do was exhausting and left me physically sore, aching muscles and a pounding head, but the only alternative was giving up and giving in completely so I forced myself to do them.

I finally called a therapist to set up an appointment, but she informed me she was going on maternity leave in a week so she was not taking new clients. She gave me some recommendations and asked if I had any questions. I tried what had so often brought me comfort in childhood: finding a character in a book who suffered as I did, and emulating her triumphs.

Dalloway and thought about Woolf with her pockets full of stones. Because while I felt depressed like these characters, they did not feel angry like me. Literature made their depression elusive and magical. She chastises herself for her emotions, holding herself responsible for not feeling the same excitement at her magazine internship that the other girls do:.

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I felt very small and very empty, the way the eye of a tornado must feel, moving dully along in the middle of the surrounding hullabaloo. Even her oft-quoted passage about the fig tree, a touchstone in writing about depression, failed to ring true for me, her sadness manifesting from the abundance of choices before her, where my pickings seemed slim. She felt glad that he had done it; thrown it away. The clock was striking. The leaden circles dissolved in the air. He made her feel the beauty; made her feel the fun. But she must go back. She must assemble. She will experience her depression, but only in solitude.

In the greater world, she will bury it. These women, these authors and characters, are exemplars in literature exploring depression. Esther and Mrs. They are described as beautiful, sad things, with pale white faces that hide their true turmoil. Characters who will Angry female needed soldier on bravely in the face of this illness or at least do so until they no longer can. They are the characters authors model their own depressed characters after: mysterious, beautiful, unknowable. Authors like Jeffrey Eugenides. His novel, The Virgin Suicideshas become a modern classic exploring the depressive minds of young women.

The boys in the book, acting as narrator, reconstruct the Lisbon sisters as sad nymphs with alluring stares and blond hair. My depression does not feel passive. It feels firecracker angry, seething just below my skin, ready to be set off, activated against the world. It is a depression of hopelessness, but not the hopelessness of wishing for something else, of wishing for something more. It is the feeling that you did everything you were supposed to do and still find yourself empty and unfilled, a realization to the broken promises of the world.

Want what we tell you to want, get what we tell you to get, Angry female needed you will be rewarded somehow. There are terrifying moments when I realize my parents had already bought a house and had my older sister by my age. I feel empty.

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I feel owed. I ignore the gnawing fear, like a starving stomach turning on itself, that I will never be satisfied. The anger lives just below the surface, like a racehorse at the starting gate, threatening with each slight, each unfulfilled promise to take off.

Esther did not scream at Buddy; Mrs. Dalloway did not snap at her friends and family; the Lisbon sisters did not wake up with raw throats and red-rimmed eyes from crying after a panic attack. But I did. And try as I might, I could not find myself in the classic texts of depression. Stretches of her dialogue feel as if she is speaking directly to me, validating my thoughts, reassuring me.

Nobody wants to know about that. She rants:. What made my obstacles insurmountable, what coned me to mediocrity, is me, just me.

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It is not simply the fact that Messud had the chutzpah to portray an unlikeable woman. It is the fact that she touched on the exact ways we shame and manipulate women out of feeling. How society demands they be The Woman Upstairs and then gaslights them whenever they have the audacity to be angry about it. I love Nora for the very fact that Messud cracks open her head and allows all that unlikability to bleed onto the. I love Nora because she is angry and frustrated and fed up with the world.

I love Nora because she has a chip on her shoulder.

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We need so many more Noras, so many more female heroes that breathe fire and anger at what the world has offered them. The kind of girl who plans to ensure success meticulous, as cold and callous and calculating as any whack on The Sopranos.

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Amy is not a cool girl, she promises. The midnight elves of marriage. Any of these would be enough to lead a character, a person, into depression, but Mathilde refuses to be paralyzed as Esther, swallow her emotions like Clarissa, be subjected to the gaze of the men in her life like the Lisbon sisters.

Mathilde will fight, use anger to craft cunning and shrewd plans, use a cool calculated rage to achieve her desires. She will not be sidelined; she will speak her own story. We need so many more. We are told to lean in but are slapped back by a culture that demands gratefulness. We are told to go after what we want, but are laughed at when we display Angry female needed or frustration when no one will even give us a chance to get it.

We need women who push back against this narrative. We need women who show their rage. We are told to go after what we want, but are laughed at when we display annoyance. When I was a teacher, I used to tell my students that their personal narratives needed a lesson, a moral, something for the reader to walk away with.

And I wish there was a convenient, internet think piece-style ending for this essay. It ebbs; I move forward, find ways to manage it, life gets easier. But discovering these angry female heroes helps in the most basic of ways. They represent me.

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They show there is camaraderie in the way I feel. They make me feel justified and rightful for Angry female needed thoughts that others dismiss as self-pitying or self-indulgent or overly pessimistic. They give me what everyone wants in the world, the ability to not feel so alone. We publish your favorite authors—even the ones you haven't read yet. Get new fiction, essays, and poetry delivered to your inbox.

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Angry female needed

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